A ​knot​ of love and protection.

All relationships are the centre of any festivity and that holds true for any Indian festival. Any occasion that brings the family together and calls for a merrymaking is often something we Indians look forward to and one such Indian festival is Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi, is a festival that celebrates the bond of unconditional love between brothers and sisters and is now celebrated across the world with utmost zeal and excitement. It is easily one of India’s most joyous and cheerful occasions celebrated and is also considered to be a secular festival.

On this day the sisters tie rakhis to their brothers, symbolizing thier love and prayers for the brothers’ wellbeing and the brothers’ lifelong vow to protect their sisters. In the end, the rakhi represents the love and close bond that brothers and sisters share.

While some girls prefer buying fancy rakhis, some like to tie simple traditional red & yellow threads while others even enjoy making rakhis at home.

The brothers then gratify their sisters with rakhi return gifts. While a lot of times the gift comes in the form of cash in a small envelope the trend is now changing and a lot of thought and love is put into the gifts that are exchanged on this special day.

Here are some of the hampers we have made for Raksha Bandhan.
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Friendship Day

Friendship Day was originally started by Joyce Hall in 1930, who was the founder of Hall Mark cards. It is a day when people celebrate the bond they share with their friends.
Friendship Day celebrations occur on different dates in different countries. The first World Friendship Day was proposed for 30th July in 1958, by the World Friendship Crusade.
A person has so many relationship in this world in a short period of time.
Born to parents, by the side of siblings and relatives, falling in love with a soul-mate and choosing a best friend when all these cease to exist.
This friendship day make your that best friend feel loved and blessed and thank them for being there when everyone turned their backs on you. Show them how important they are to you by gifting them a custom-made gift by Wrapstar or a chic hamper put together with all their favourite goodies.
We have gifting solutions for every kind of a friend.


Wondering what to give your workaholic friend?
These are classy and elegant office accessories which will give their favourite corner a perfect new look.



A fashion enthusiast?
Don’t worry we have the perfect jewellery organiser.


This themed multi purpose organiser is the best gift for a musician or a music lover friend who is surely going to go gaga over it. And guess what? You can get these customised too!


A friend who has an ardent or refined interest in food or alcoholic beverages?
This is an ultimate foodie gift which can be customised again whit all their favourite goodies wrapped in the most unique and attractive way!



Something to spruce up your home!

Top of the table, Simple yet sophisticated table accessories that add charm to your table.
On a very practical note these table mats, coasters and a host of other accessories are made of leather with canvas prints on them. They can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and will look as good as new each time. A wide choice of colours is available and the combination of bold prints in subtle colours gives it a lot of old world charm. These sets can adorn your table – you can change the theme with a new set when you feel like impressing your guests. What’s more, these table accessories sets make really good gifts for any occasion- they are useful, noticeable and go far beyond the price equation to become intelligent gifts that please the giver and the receiver.

Each set includes 2 size rectangle tray / square tray / round tray, 1 bed tray, 1 magazine stand, 1 tissue box, 1 cutlery holder, 1 tea box, can do 2 4 6 or 8 table mats and also Coasters.

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Wrapstar unveils new office along with new ideas in bespoke gifting

In a very short period of time Wrapstar, the bespoke gifting company, has rapidly moved in and explored the bespoke gifting concept and come out with new ideas and executions in all segments of the gifting market.

Wrapstar offers a whole gamut of wedding event offerings including Wedding Invites, Trousseau Packing, Sagan Packing, Engagement Platters, Mehendi Giveaways, Mithai Boxes, Return Gifts and special Room Hampers. But the real achievement of the company lies in the fact that every single gift is specially made depending on the exact requirement of the client.

Wrapstar offers a wide range of festival gift offerings for all festivals. This upcoming Navratri season the company offers Photo frames with divine pictures for a chowki (Mata ki Chowki) giveaway, pooja ki thali, Diyas , Candles, Sweet boxes, etc.

In the world of corporate gifting, the company has earned a reputation for coming up with unique ideas with minute attention to the smallest details and flawless execution each and every time. The company has some of the biggest corporate names on its roster and has executed major gifting projects like the gift hamper along with the purchase of a new BMW car.

Wrapstar has created a wide array of gifts for baby shower and birth announcements. Graceful, elegant or even playful gifts that are handmade and can never be bought in any shop. Whether it’s special baby arrival cards or any other baby related event the company can offer a wide range of customised choices based on specific requirements and practicality.

The company has unveiled a spacious and swanky new office cum studio in Faridabad where select gift ideas will be displayed. But more importantly, this will be a dedicated place to meet clients and discuss their requirements in gifting.

There can be no greater joy than the arrival of a bonny baby

Babies know the art of slowly building a campaign through the initial announcement of the good news, a lot of speculation if it’s going to be a boy or girl, the mother’s peculiar cravings and appetite which slowly leads to the likely D-day when the little bundle arrives with a loud, hearty cry the best sound the mother, grandparents, and all the relatives can possibly hear.

The coming of an eagerly awaited baby is an event that has no parallel in terms of the happiness quotient it produces all around and the many people who come and make strange baby sounds and perform other antics to entertain the baby that they would not dare perform on any other occasion. Stern grandmothers simply melt at the sight of a happy gurgling baby and even macho, clumsy males have an expression of wonder.

But how do you express and share your joy and thrill of the new arrival with a host of friends, relatives and well-wishers? How do you creatively express delight and translate it into little gifts that can be sent to people close to you and are apt for the occasion?

At Wrapstar, we have created a wide array of gifts to suit the occasion and would love to custom make something really outstanding for your special little one. We take great pleasure in producing graceful, elegant or even playful gifts that are handmade and can never be bought in any shop.

All you have to do is keep us in the loop when a baby is on its way and we can help you with all baby related gifts from baby shower to special baby arrival cards to well-chosen gifts and goodies to announce the arrival of the baby.IMG_4840




It’s women’s day, and business as usual.

As women entrepreneurs it gives us a lot of joy to see other women conceiving business ideas and successfully running many types of businesses. One common thread that runs through all these businesses is the personal warmth and touch these women bring to their ventures. We take this opportunity to congratulate all of them for running successful businesses on their terms and we thought the best way to celebrate Women’s day would be to pay a compliment to these successful entrepreneurs. This is also an occasion to mention my mentor Gauri Sagar Kohli a PR expert who encouraged us to run this business.

1) Gauri Sagar Kohli
Company name: PR pundit
Position: Head of Luxury Department

PR Pundit is a 17 year old, full service, dedicated Public Relations Company with a value proposition of creativity, efficiency and innovation embedded in our approach to PR. The company has fostered a culture of creativity, meritocracy and respect that inspires employees and clients alike.

2) Asmita Javdekar
Company name: Aatman

Asmita runs a jewellery business which she describes in these words:Simple, beautiful jewellery with a dash of culture bit of a story, gorgeous imagery and truckloads of happiness.

3) Neha Panchamiya
Company name: RESQ

RESQ, A Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organization that works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick animals. It also conducts awareness and education programs which focus on reducing human-animal conflict and conservation of the environment.

4) Pritika Kinra
Company name: Moco Design Studio

Moco Design studio is mélange of diverse architects with unique expertise and a unified goal. With a modern approach towards architecture the studio is fuelled by cutting edge technology, sustainable design practices and the contemporary lifestyle to offer clients solutions that are unique and sustainable.

5)Smriti Sethia
Company name: Facet 58

Facet 58 is an online jewellery store that brings together high quality jewellery and accessories with unique and exquisite designs created by our highly qualified in house designers. Our vision at Facet 58 is to create a unique collection of contemporary as well as traditional fine jewellery with the best craftsmanship and a personalized touch.

6) Anjula Gaba Rai
Company name: Anjula Gaba

Doing up a home is a challenge but an exhilarating one. One should enjoy the entire process of turning a space into private haven, a kind of place that shelters day dreaming, is aesthetically appealing and designed to suit individual style.
Anjula is an independent design professional, working in the NCR for over a decade. Though an economist by qualification, her passion for furniture design and space design led her to start a lifestyle store called Home and Beyond in 1999.

7)Uzma Poonawala
Company name: Cherry crush

CHERRY CRUSH – Closet on the Go, is here to bring the latest global fashion trends closer to you. You can get the latest designs in Indian and Western fashion, exclusive footwear from around the world and the latest accessories, bags & clutches here.

Made in heaven wedding invites…

The normal yellow wedding invitation card with a touch of turmeric and kumkum, personally delivered with the words – ‘you must come for the wedding with the entire family,no excuses’, is still very much the way Indians invite people to a weddings.
But as usual there are adventerous people who want to break tradition and do things in a special way.

Wedding invites for some people have become very special and new levels of creativity have been achieved by simply discarding the idea that a wedding invite should be a card. It can also contain a card listing out venues of various wedding related events but other than that it is a carefully crafted offering that tries to express the burst of joy and celebrations to follow.
We have listed a few of our latest wedding invitation offerings here but would like to leave you with the thought that the scope for creativity, fun ,wrapping and packaging options are simply mind boggling and only limited by our own imagination!




What would Saint Valentine make of the February 14th celebration?

What would Saint Valentine make of the February 14th celebration?
The story goes that saint Valentine performed the marriage ceremony for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and was sent to prison more that 2000 years ago-,that he should be remembered now is in itself a miracle of sorts and that the whole world erupts in a profusion of love , emotion , roses and chocolates is another matter.

If I remember right the Valentine’s Day celebrations came to India a few decades ago. Probably a smart marketing mind thought of a plan to use this occasion to kick-start a sort of mini gift industry that seems to be growing every year despite some boring people saying it is not Indian tradition blah blah..
For the younger generation it is a god sent opportunity to take their love story ( at whatever point it may be) forward and express feelings without awkwardness as a certain quantum of madness is forgiven on this day.

What do you gift your loved ones from wives to girlfriends can be quite a problem for the unimaginative. But there are those that revel in this task and go to great lengths to present a gift that would have special meaning and that’s the key to great gifting I think. Can it have a special meaning that is only known to the receiver?
Gifts create more joy and excitement when there is a surprise element, an unexpected gift, at an unexpected time from an unexpected person has the power to make one feel special and happy.

So go ahead and wrack your brain for that perfect gift that will be filled with hidden meaning and mystique. And pull out all the stops when it comes to expressing yourself .
All the best and happy Valentine ’s Day to all

The big fat Indian wedding is a masterpiece in orchestrated confusion

I have been to enough weddings to know that there is no true Indian wedding without lot of laughter, confusion and general chaos which somehow sorts itself out miraculously like the institution of marriage itself. Wedding gifting in India can be complicated. In some types of weddings the gifts given by the girl’s party are prominently displayed and could include utensils (Indians have the most utensils in the world I think) and even large items like cupboards are displayed.

In Australia friends of the couple get together and decide who is buying what, this is extremely practical as the couple does not land up with 13 thermos flasks as it happens in India. Many wedding gifts in India are “recycled” – that is, a thermos or two is re- gifted with a name change and people feel smart doing this.

But with modern companies like Wrapstar specializing in wedding gifting, the concept has become far more interesting, colourful and a true bonanza for guests who get very imaginative gifts beautifully wrapped and even delivered in unique ways.
Many people are realizing that a gifting specialist is an essential part of the wedding mechanics, someone who can quickly decide the exact tenor and pulse of the occasion and whip up something very special that a guest will always remember.

It is also the case that when you decide on a 5 star wedding for your dearest daughter you leave no stone unturned to ensure the best of the best and I am particularly fond of the term and the challenge it throws is something that always excites me.

The art and science of gifting

By Wrapstar

From my childhood my sister and me have always been fascinated with gifts and the excitement associated with opening the wrapper and seeing what is inside. The company name Wrapstar is a result of this fascination. In many ancient cultures gifting was an art and the right gifts to the right people at the right time meant that you respected them and have done some research on what they would like.

It is nice to know that the basic idea behind gifting has not changed in the modern era but the same problem persists-what would be an ideal gift? How should it be delivered? How should it be packed? The good news is that the options, when it comes to gifting are literally endless and this poses a bit of a problem of too much choice.

For us gifting is a creative endeavour and putting together a perfect gift is always a challenge. Whether it is a return gift at your child’s birthday bash, an expensive corporate gift, a wedding invitation, the perfect house warming gift or a good old fashiones envelop choosing a gift, packaging it artfully and delivering it with panache is something we sisters take great pride in.

While the gifting business looks simple from the outside it requires a lot of hard work, thinking on your feet and the ability to innovate and find solutions when the clock is ticking. Since there is no fixed template or automation process involved every gift is customized and hand made.

In high profile gifting, paying attention to the minute details is essential not only for us but our entire team. We are happy that we have built a great team who are sincerely interested in continuous learning and have never let us down even in the toughest situations.

We actually look forward to challenging gifting assignments that will not only add to our portfolio but also add to our knowledge and skills.