Made in heaven wedding invites…

The normal yellow wedding invitation card with a touch of turmeric and kumkum, personally delivered with the words – ‘you must come for the wedding with the entire family,no excuses’, is still very much the way Indians invite people to a weddings.
But as usual there are adventerous people who want to break tradition and do things in a special way.

Wedding invites for some people have become very special and new levels of creativity have been achieved by simply discarding the idea that a wedding invite should be a card. It can also contain a card listing out venues of various wedding related events but other than that it is a carefully crafted offering that tries to express the burst of joy and celebrations to follow.
We have listed a few of our latest wedding invitation offerings here but would like to leave you with the thought that the scope for creativity, fun ,wrapping and packaging options are simply mind boggling and only limited by our own imagination!





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