There can be no greater joy than the arrival of a bonny baby

Babies know the art of slowly building a campaign through the initial announcement of the good news, a lot of speculation if it’s going to be a boy or girl, the mother’s peculiar cravings and appetite which slowly leads to the likely D-day when the little bundle arrives with a loud, hearty cry the best sound the mother, grandparents, and all the relatives can possibly hear.

The coming of an eagerly awaited baby is an event that has no parallel in terms of the happiness quotient it produces all around and the many people who come and make strange baby sounds and perform other antics to entertain the baby that they would not dare perform on any other occasion. Stern grandmothers simply melt at the sight of a happy gurgling baby and even macho, clumsy males have an expression of wonder.

But how do you express and share your joy and thrill of the new arrival with a host of friends, relatives and well-wishers? How do you creatively express delight and translate it into little gifts that can be sent to people close to you and are apt for the occasion?

At Wrapstar, we have created a wide array of gifts to suit the occasion and would love to custom make something really outstanding for your special little one. We take great pleasure in producing graceful, elegant or even playful gifts that are handmade and can never be bought in any shop.

All you have to do is keep us in the loop when a baby is on its way and we can help you with all baby related gifts from baby shower to special baby arrival cards to well-chosen gifts and goodies to announce the arrival of the baby.IMG_4840





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