Friendship Day

Friendship Day was originally started by Joyce Hall in 1930, who was the founder of Hall Mark cards. It is a day when people celebrate the bond they share with their friends.
Friendship Day celebrations occur on different dates in different countries. The first World Friendship Day was proposed for 30th July in 1958, by the World Friendship Crusade.
A person has so many relationship in this world in a short period of time.
Born to parents, by the side of siblings and relatives, falling in love with a soul-mate and choosing a best friend when all these cease to exist.
This friendship day make your that best friend feel loved and blessed and thank them for being there when everyone turned their backs on you. Show them how important they are to you by gifting them a custom-made gift by Wrapstar or a chic hamper put together with all their favourite goodies.
We have gifting solutions for every kind of a friend.


Wondering what to give your workaholic friend?
These are classy and elegant office accessories which will give their favourite corner a perfect new look.



A fashion enthusiast?
Don’t worry we have the perfect jewellery organiser.


This themed multi purpose organiser is the best gift for a musician or a music lover friend who is surely going to go gaga over it. And guess what? You can get these customised too!


A friend who has an ardent or refined interest in food or alcoholic beverages?
This is an ultimate foodie gift which can be customised again whit all their favourite goodies wrapped in the most unique and attractive way!




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