Wrapstar - Bespoke Gifts packaging & Gifts

Bio: Founded in 2006 by the culmination of creativity and passion of sister duo, Roohi Agnihotri and Surbhi Mehtani Wrapstar Inc. is a carefully curated, packaging and bespoke gift-wrappingsolutions provider. “Giving", as they learned, is a privilege, a joy and an art! We all know the happiness a gift can bring and Wrapstar Inc. aims at elevating that joy by creating a beautifully packaged gift, be it for your personal or for your business needs. The growing experience and expertise at Wrapstar Inc. is backed up with exceptional levels of service, innovation in design, ability to source and provide solutions with total integrity and very competitive prices. The sky is truly the limit with customisation –Simple, Intricate, Classic, Opulent, Subtle, Extravagant, Underplayed, Over the top, Exotic, Desi, Elegant, Funky-you name it and we have it or will get it for you. We have an array of unique gift wrapping solutions and products for festivals, occasions, weddings, birth announcements, invitations, corporate gifting, party favours and even "just-like-that"! We believe that when decorating, styling & wrapping… the little details really are important. Take a look through our varied products online or visit us at our store, we would love to help you wrap things up in style for your business. Our aim is to be one-stop shops for you to find everything you need to wrap and package your gifts and products. If you would like assistance with branding and packaging for your special occasion, business or personal needs please email surbhi@wrapstar.in we will contact you. Roohi & Surbhi

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