Made in heaven wedding invites…

The normal yellow wedding invitation card with a touch of turmeric and kumkum, personally delivered with the words – ‘you must come for the wedding with the entire family,no excuses’, is still very much the way Indians invite people to a weddings.
But as usual there are adventerous people who want to break tradition and do things in a special way.

Wedding invites for some people have become very special and new levels of creativity have been achieved by simply discarding the idea that a wedding invite should be a card. It can also contain a card listing out venues of various wedding related events but other than that it is a carefully crafted offering that tries to express the burst of joy and celebrations to follow.
We have listed a few of our latest wedding invitation offerings here but would like to leave you with the thought that the scope for creativity, fun ,wrapping and packaging options are simply mind boggling and only limited by our own imagination!





The art and science of gifting

By Wrapstar

From my childhood my sister and me have always been fascinated with gifts and the excitement associated with opening the wrapper and seeing what is inside. The company name Wrapstar is a result of this fascination. In many ancient cultures gifting was an art and the right gifts to the right people at the right time meant that you respected them and have done some research on what they would like.

It is nice to know that the basic idea behind gifting has not changed in the modern era but the same problem persists-what would be an ideal gift? How should it be delivered? How should it be packed? The good news is that the options, when it comes to gifting are literally endless and this poses a bit of a problem of too much choice.

For us gifting is a creative endeavour and putting together a perfect gift is always a challenge. Whether it is a return gift at your child’s birthday bash, an expensive corporate gift, a wedding invitation, the perfect house warming gift or a good old fashiones envelop choosing a gift, packaging it artfully and delivering it with panache is something we sisters take great pride in.

While the gifting business looks simple from the outside it requires a lot of hard work, thinking on your feet and the ability to innovate and find solutions when the clock is ticking. Since there is no fixed template or automation process involved every gift is customized and hand made.

In high profile gifting, paying attention to the minute details is essential not only for us but our entire team. We are happy that we have built a great team who are sincerely interested in continuous learning and have never let us down even in the toughest situations.

We actually look forward to challenging gifting assignments that will not only add to our portfolio but also add to our knowledge and skills.

Wow your wedding gift-wrapping and Trousseau with our easy #DIY

Easy yet effective tips and tricks


For wedding gift-wrapping and trousseau packaging, we believe that you will judge a gift by its cover; packaging is the key to realizing your sentiment while you rejoice your wedding gifts and treasures. Gift-wrapping celebrates this feeling and takes it to a glorious level of making the receiver feel special be it your best friends wedding for which you have to plan a gift or be it your own wedding, where you have to package your trousseau and gifts for the new family. The visual impact of the gift should truly reflect what you have put inside.

Discover wrapping ways and styles to creating a lasting impression on your guests as I unravel some of our tried and tested ‘tips and tricks’ on how to choose the perfect style for the gift’s recipient and the must-do’s for wrapping wedding gifts and trousseau with stuff that dreams are made of.

The first pit-stop on this journey is to let your imagination reign supreme and come up with innovative ideas, designs and a theme, so that you can create your own magical parcels suitable for the occasion.

Everyone takes great interest in looking at the bridal trousseau so wrapping it with an attractive packaging will surely delight all your friends & relatives. Lets factor in the most important aspects of a stunning trousseau packaging. Firstly, it is important to allocate a budget considering various factors. The trousseau packaging should be well coordinated with the wedding theme to enhance the celebrations further. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, your favors and details also have to revolve around the same central theme. Earthy tones of creams and beige can be your base accent while aqua, greens, and corals can be the pop out colors. This will set the mood and wow your guests while serving as enduring memories of the wedding and the destination. Packaging and quality can be game-changers: Gift-wrapping and the quality are intertwined with good taste. You need to ensure that the products you use to enhance your gifts are of superior quality to reflect impeccable aesthetics and your style.

Handy Tips


DIY Tips for wedding gifting and Trousseau packaging:

  • Use interesting containers to pack your wedding trousseau which can be reused later at home. A wooden carved chest, or a mosaic box or a jute basket will make the packaging special. Embellish it with motifs, laces, artificial flowers.
  • Small items can be packed in wooden trays/ steel thalis. Use a colorful net cloth, decorate the tray with laces, velvet, and stick beautiful motif to match the theme of the wedding.
  • Take a plain round shaped mirror without borders. Take 3 set of pearls strings of different sizes and colour. With the help of glue, stick one pearl sting at time on the edges of the mirror in circle. Repeat with the other two string. Your decorated thali is ready for gifting.
  • Take a cardboard box, place any clothing item inside. Wrap it with a bright coloured velvet cloth and use a wide gold ribbon to tie around it to form a big bow at the centre of the box. Take a big brown button/ or a pretty semi precious stone and with the help of glue stick it at the center of the bow.
  • Want to add a personal touch to the giveaways for friends & family. Take nice thick brown paper bags, depending on the size of the gift. Place the gift inside the bag, fold and seal the top of the bag with a stapler, stick a doily paper on top of the fold to hide the pin with glue. Use a bright ribbon to make a small bow and stick it at the front side of the doily paper.
  • Some Indian favors ideas: Elephant tea-light candle holders, incense sticks, monogrammed book marks, silk fans, beaded or mirrored boxes, Indian preservatives, a set of flavored personalized tea bags or handicraft products such as paper mache boxes.

Fashion and trends of wedding changes with every season and so does the trousseau packaging. This season, Peacock, festive themes, wooden boxes for greater usability, velvet boxes and religious designer boxes are in vogue.

Wedding trousseau is a very personal decision for the bride and her family and it should be a reflection of their taste and style.There are no rights or wrongs when creating your trousseau, so go ahead create your own rules and sometimes bend them too. The idea is for you to enjoy the experience and savor in the ecstasy of that one in a lifetime event. Get creative, don’t stress and seal it with beautifully wrapped emotions for a memorable wedding start!

Surbhi Mehtani, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Wrapstar Inc