What would Saint Valentine make of the February 14th celebration?

What would Saint Valentine make of the February 14th celebration?
The story goes that saint Valentine performed the marriage ceremony for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and was sent to prison more that 2000 years ago-,that he should be remembered now is in itself a miracle of sorts and that the whole world erupts in a profusion of love , emotion , roses and chocolates is another matter.

If I remember right the Valentine’s Day celebrations came to India a few decades ago. Probably a smart marketing mind thought of a plan to use this occasion to kick-start a sort of mini gift industry that seems to be growing every year despite some boring people saying it is not Indian tradition blah blah..
For the younger generation it is a god sent opportunity to take their love story ( at whatever point it may be) forward and express feelings without awkwardness as a certain quantum of madness is forgiven on this day.

What do you gift your loved ones from wives to girlfriends can be quite a problem for the unimaginative. But there are those that revel in this task and go to great lengths to present a gift that would have special meaning and that’s the key to great gifting I think. Can it have a special meaning that is only known to the receiver?
Gifts create more joy and excitement when there is a surprise element, an unexpected gift, at an unexpected time from an unexpected person has the power to make one feel special and happy.

So go ahead and wrack your brain for that perfect gift that will be filled with hidden meaning and mystique. And pull out all the stops when it comes to expressing yourself .
All the best and happy Valentine ’s Day to all


The big fat Indian wedding is a masterpiece in orchestrated confusion

I have been to enough weddings to know that there is no true Indian wedding without lot of laughter, confusion and general chaos which somehow sorts itself out miraculously like the institution of marriage itself. Wedding gifting in India can be complicated. In some types of weddings the gifts given by the girl’s party are prominently displayed and could include utensils (Indians have the most utensils in the world I think) and even large items like cupboards are displayed.

In Australia friends of the couple get together and decide who is buying what, this is extremely practical as the couple does not land up with 13 thermos flasks as it happens in India. Many wedding gifts in India are “recycled” – that is, a thermos or two is re- gifted with a name change and people feel smart doing this.

But with modern companies like Wrapstar specializing in wedding gifting, the concept has become far more interesting, colourful and a true bonanza for guests who get very imaginative gifts beautifully wrapped and even delivered in unique ways.
Many people are realizing that a gifting specialist is an essential part of the wedding mechanics, someone who can quickly decide the exact tenor and pulse of the occasion and whip up something very special that a guest will always remember.

It is also the case that when you decide on a 5 star wedding for your dearest daughter you leave no stone unturned to ensure the best of the best and I am particularly fond of the term and the challenge it throws is something that always excites me.

The art and science of gifting

By Wrapstar

From my childhood my sister and me have always been fascinated with gifts and the excitement associated with opening the wrapper and seeing what is inside. The company name Wrapstar is a result of this fascination. In many ancient cultures gifting was an art and the right gifts to the right people at the right time meant that you respected them and have done some research on what they would like.

It is nice to know that the basic idea behind gifting has not changed in the modern era but the same problem persists-what would be an ideal gift? How should it be delivered? How should it be packed? The good news is that the options, when it comes to gifting are literally endless and this poses a bit of a problem of too much choice.

For us gifting is a creative endeavour and putting together a perfect gift is always a challenge. Whether it is a return gift at your child’s birthday bash, an expensive corporate gift, a wedding invitation, the perfect house warming gift or a good old fashiones envelop choosing a gift, packaging it artfully and delivering it with panache is something we sisters take great pride in.

While the gifting business looks simple from the outside it requires a lot of hard work, thinking on your feet and the ability to innovate and find solutions when the clock is ticking. Since there is no fixed template or automation process involved every gift is customized and hand made.

In high profile gifting, paying attention to the minute details is essential not only for us but our entire team. We are happy that we have built a great team who are sincerely interested in continuous learning and have never let us down even in the toughest situations.

We actually look forward to challenging gifting assignments that will not only add to our portfolio but also add to our knowledge and skills.

8 wedding trousseau essentials for this  season

Shopping for the wedding trousseau can be a difficult task especially if you leave everything for the last minute. Few things to consider while selecting your wedding trousseau is that you are going to spend a considerable amount of money of your wedding lehenga and jewellery as well as other items which in all probability you will not get a chance to use again. So it’s a good idea to buy multi – use wearable items along with basics that every bride might need in her closet. So let’s get started with the list for the big day  

  1. Silk saree

Silk sarees are gorgeous and most of them last a decade. They are apt for a newlywed bride. Choose a mix of 3 to 4 bright and sober colours so that you can pix and choose depending on the occasion

  1. Salwar, Kurtas, Duppatas

A new bride may find it difficult to be clad in a saree the entire day. So while selecting your trousseau include a lot of Kurtas, Salwars, Churidars, Duppatas which you can easily mix and match to wear during anytime of the day

  1. A Bling Clutch

Choose a rust red hand clutch with a lot of bling on it so that it can be reused later for multiple occasions

sagan packaging

Sagan packaging

  1. Wedding make up trousseau kit

As a bride, you will need to apply make up regularly for almost a month of your wedding day, visiting various relatives, attending numerous functions, etc. The makeup should have a natural effect and must not be too heavy. A basic primer which will ensure your make up lasts longer, a good foundation, a concealer, face powder, 2 different shades of lip color, Lip Liner, a nude lip gloss, Kohl, Mascara,  eye liner, blusher, will complete your wedding make up kit.

Trousseau Packaging

Trousseau Packaging

  1. Basic Jewellery

It may not always be possible to carry  those heavy jewellery you have brought for the wedding. It’s a good idea to buy a pair of diamond or gold studs to pair it with a saree or salwar and a basic neckpiece which can be paired with various outfits. This way you can easily keep your jewellery on and look gorgeous all the time.

  1. A pair of flats

A comfortable pair of flats is essential to complete the bridal shopping. Since the bride needs to do a lot of moving around a gold or copper flat will compliments any outfit.

  1. Heels

Golden heels are the quintessential footwear for just-married girls. And so are black pumps! Choose these colours to dazzle in your wedding outfit.

  1. Blouse for all

It’s a good idea to keep a pair of gold & silver stylish blouse with can be clubbed with any saree and will instantly brighten your outfit.


Some interesting and easy DIY gift packaging at home

The cover of the gift can speak a lot about the feelings and emotions of the gift wrapped within. Gift wrapping does not always require a long list of things or a special visit to the market, sometimes you can create a beautiful wrapping with things easily available at  home. I am sharing a few tips of how to do some exquisite packaging with things available at home and make gifts even more special.

Here are 5 interesting yet simple gift wrapping ideas:



 newspaper  bags

newspaper bags

  • Wrap your gift with any wrapping paper available at home, take an old fabric, cut it into a small square and place it at the centre of the wrapped gift
  • Pick an old brown paper, wrap it around your gift box. Pick up a fresh bright flower  you’re your garden with some leaves and place it on the wrapped box with the help of glue or thread
  • Wrap the gift with any paper, pick up an old photograph or postcard. Stick it at the centre of the box for the personalized touch
  • Take an old newspaper lying at home. Wrap the newspaper well around your box of gift with some tape or glue. Take an bright colour ribbon or lace lying at home and stick it diagonally across the box
  • Use any colorful kite paper, wrap the gift with it, take an old magazine page and cut out a thick strip. Place the strip diagonally across the gift

So the next time of think of gifting someone, don’t forget to try these easy wrapping tips to leave the person awestruck

For more unique gift packaging options for all occasions: Visit our website: www.wrapstar.in

Image Source: redtedart.com